What You Need To Know When Packing Your Personal Cargo

More often than not, you will end up packing your personal cargo yourself. Whilst Transco Cargo offers packing cargo services, in the event you are moving overseas or sending personal cargo to loved ones in another country, you may pack your own boxes or crates. However, as your freight forwarder, we cannot guarantee the condition of your goods being shipped and how they are received at the destination address in the event they have not been packed by us. This is based on whether the cause is lack or insufficiency of cushioning or defective condition of packing by which by the nature of the goods are liable to wastage or damage when not packed or when not properly packed. Therefore, we at Transco Cargo have put together this quick packing guide to inform you of what you need to know when packing your personal cargo yourself.

Assess your Personal Cargo

Your personal cargo may end up travelling a great distance from your location to its destination and when packing your personal cargo, you need to be sure that the choice of packaging also last the entirety of the trip. Based on the type of personal cargo, you need to consider a few things. These include the weight and the fragility of the personal cargo, as special considerations need to be taken. When assessing the contents of your personal cargo, make sure to value the contents being shipped, and also adhere to the packing requirements to ensure a safe delivery.

Start Packing Your Personal Cargo

When you start packing your personal cargo, the fragility, nature and the weight of the content will need to be kept in mind. The choices for packing your personal cargo will include the likes of double wall cardboard boxes and crates such as the following.

Heavier items should be stored in smaller boxes or crates as this will allow for easier transportation. For example, books should be placed in a smaller cardboard box and retain the stability of the box. Also, it is important to keep at least a 6cm distance between the contents and the walls of the box, and fill in any spaces of void with filling material/accessories such as foam peanuts, tissue, newspaper, bubble wrap, bubble packs and more.

If you are planning on shipping a large and heavy item, Transco Cargo can assist you in getting such items packed with custom crating (as seen below).

Seal The Cargo

Once you are done packing your personal cargo into boxes or crates, sealing the cargo is important. You can use pressure sensitive tape with a width of at least 4.8cm and also adopt the H taping method to seal the edges securely.

Label your Personal Cargo

You can label your personal cargo on the top of the box/crate so it clearly shows on a single surface. If you have specific instructions regarding your personal cargo, you can include handling marks such as the following too.

Images: Shippo