What you Should Know when Exporting a Vehicle From Australia

You may have many reasons for wanting to go about exporting a vehicle from Australia. You could be moving overseas, or in fact, you are looking for vehicle parts for a restoration project. Whatever the reason behind it may be, you should know that there are a few processes you need to go though when exporting a vehicle from Australia.

We often get asked “what is the process of exporting a vehicle from Australia” from our clients who are keen in either taking their vehicle overseas for a move or shipping cars for restoration, or for whatever reason. In this blog posts, we at Transco Cargo will reveal to you how easily we can handle your automotive shipment through two means of vehicle shipping from Australia.

Get In Touch With Us

First things first, you need to get in touch with us and will get you started. One of the first things we do is asking you a few questions with regards to the vehicle in questions. These questions regarding exporting a vehicle from Australia include the likes of the below;

  1. Where are you planning on sending the vehicle to
  2. Are you sending the vehicle permanently or temporarily?
  3. Are you sending the vehicle overseas to sell or for use
  4. How do you want to transport your vehicle


Destination Country of your Vehicle Shipment

The answer to the first question is important, as the laws and regulations of handling vehicular shipments are different from country to country, as are the taxations and customs handling charges, etc. Our Transco Cargo International shipping representatives will then inform you on the various aspects of  exporting a vehicle from Australia onto the country in question and the important factors of ensuring that your shipment moves through the various points from origin door/port to desitnation port/door without a hitch. There are certain restrictions when exporting a vehicle into a country based on the use of the said vehicle. Therefore, it’s important to go through these factors with the representatives, especially if you do not plan on utilising the vehicle.

Exporting a Vehicle from Australia for a Move Overseas

Shipping a vehicle overseas during a move is one the easier ways of exporting a vehicle overseas. However, you would still need to prove ownership, pay import duties and GST,  having an import permit, as well as  taking into consideration whether the country allows for right hand driving.


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Mattieu Flantley’s review on Google Maps:  “Was concerned sending a car overseas so I stuck around to check how you guys loaded it. Good job! The recipient appreciated the help with the customs brokerage! Cheers!”